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Plant Tentacle Monsters

Over the past few weeks I've been making these little monster plant guys, and they are finally done! I designed them thinking along the lines of angler fish, those guys with the tasty looking dangly tentacle that lures other fish into their mouths.

These are monsters who have a similar evolutionary design. They hide mostly below the ground with just a brightly coloured flower tentacle peeping above ground. They wave it around all bright and attractive like, and lure unsuspecting bugs and critters close enough for them to grab and munch.

I made these guys to sit on my desk. I've had this idea in my head for quite a long time now, and have been planning on making some to brighten up my desk and look all pretty. I'd like to make more and sell them, unfortunately they are really delicate. Also I would have to ship them with the dirt separate or else it would go everywhere, so I'm not sure how I'd do that. If any locals (Perth, Australia) would like to own a plant tentacle monster of their own then that would be doable (just let me know). It's just the travel they don't like.

I am considering seeing if I could do up some classy prints with images of them. They may not travel well, but they look awesome and could suit prints. I'd do matching sets with a picture of one on each print. Probably with a white or coloured background.

I'll have a think about it. ^____^

Creativity and leftover pizza.

I had fun expressing myself using creativity and leftover pizza. The pizza, sadly, did not survive the process.

He sat in the fridge on a frilly white plate. At first he was overflowing with cheesy love, and tomatoey joy at the world around him. But time marches sure and steady, and tromped all over little leftover pizzas heart.

He grew crusty.
He grew cold.
He grew angry with the world around him. 

Pizza gets mean when it gets cold.

Mean and crusty. 


Old cold mouldy angry crusty dusty...  and thrown to the wolves. The wolves in the rubbish bin.

Cute displacer beastie

My friend Greg T writes a D&D gaming blog, and he asked me to draw a picture for him to post on it, like 'a cute mindflayer or displacer beast or something".

...and so I did (image heavy)Collapse )

LJ Mood Theme

I've started making myself a set of mood icons for LJ.

So far I have some variant of angry:

It's a bit of an experiment really. I've been working with vectors, and improving my general skills with GIMP. I'm going to redo it, and thicken all the black outlines so it doesn't suffer as much when it's reduced. It may not look like it, but I spent hours working on this! :P Totally worth it though; every time I sit down to use GIMP my skills and ability improve which makes me happy.

Once I've set up basic shapes the next pics will take less time because I can reuse the shapes.

Wheeee It's late and I'm sleepy now! :D

Artistically Crazy

Still working on setting up all my Elsie Levels Up business stuff, but today I took an artistic detour. I've been working on creating a paper doll of myself and my wardrobe. I've always wanted to have an index of my wardrobe. I think it's an awesome way to be able to see what clothes I own, what goes with what else. Maybe it's taking organisation to an insane level, but it's fun and amuses me, so I don't mind the craziness.

I finished the paper doll design today, and also created the current outfit I'm wearing. I'm going to make new outfits a few at a time until I have my whole wardrobe drawn up. It'll take a while to be done, but it'll be worth it.

Oh, and when I say paper doll... it's not going to be paper when it's done. I'll be setting up a white board, and printing the images on magnetic paper. I've also got plans to make paper dolls for sale. I'd like to do a Hitler and a zombie. Or possibly a zombie Hitler. I'll see how it goes.

Scott thinks it looks like my eyeball is falling off. :D

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